Wright Park

Another park to visit in the City of Pines is Wright Park, which is found on the Eastern side of Baguio City, right in front on another Baguio landmark, The Mansion House. A distinct feature of this park is the elongated and shallow body of water that is located inside the gates, known as the Pool of Pines. It is called that because it has pine trees lining it on both sides and at the end you’ll find a circular a picturesque structure called the Wright Park Kiosk. There are streetlights on both sides of the pool, so that you will be able to admire its beauty, even in the dark of night. This is a park where people go to take pictures from both ends of the park, so you will definitely want to have a camera with you when you visit to take some of your own. You will see that while you are walking through, you may even encounter a native Highlander, dressed completely in native attire. Most costumed Highlanders will be willing to pose with you for a photo, but you will have to pay a small fee, of course.

There are also native, handmade crafts that are sold inside the park, so be sure to pick something up while you are there so that you can remember your visit. If you or most specially the children want to experience being a cowboy for a day then head on over to the Wright Park Riding Circle. This is the area where horses are rented out, so if you have kids that are up for a good old horse ride, this is something you can do while you’re in the park as well, and it can be a fun way to get around while you’re checking out all of the gorgeous views in the park. Wright Park is definitely something you will not want to miss seeing.