Philippine Military Academy

Many people find themselves fascinated by the military and if you are in Baguio City, you should check out the Philippine Military Academy even if you’re not a military fanatic. Heaven knows, seeing all those well dressed, snappy amd smart looking cadets may just influence you to the premier military institution on the Philippines. Many tourists find that they really enjoy coming here to learn about the way members of the Philippine military are trained for four years before being put out for active duty.

This academy has drills on the weekend that you can check out but keep in mind that this is also where the military is trained before they are sent out for duty. You will see that it is open seven days a week, from sunrise to sundown and it is a place where you will definitely want to have a camera on hand as there is so much to see and take in. On Saturday mornings, you will see the cadets have inspections outdoors. After the inspections take place, there is a parade and you will be able to witness the precision marching that the military is known for. The Philippine Military Academy is one place you won’t want to forget putting on your itinerary while you’re in Baguio City.