Good Shepherd Convent

Good Shepherd Convent is only a few minutes walk away making it the ideal tourist spot to visit right after Mines View Park. In this place people come from far and wide to buy their freshly made ube jam, their best seller and other goodies like strawberry jam, peanut and cashew brittle. They also have a wide variety of cookies like angel cookies, butter cookies, Lengua de Gato and Chocolate Crinkles. Money generated from the sales of these products are use to fund their scholars who also work part time for them preparing all these products. Part of the proceeds are also used to help their other different charities.

Inside the compound you will see other building and facilities like a small coffee shop where you can sit and enjoy your snack. Some other buildings are also used as a retreat house for students . There are also some beautifully planted gardens within the Good Shepherd Convent compound and this is one of the few places in Baguio City where you can go to smell the fresh pine in the mountain air.

By the right side of the convent they have a view deck which gives you a panoramic view of the mountains which is beautiful and majestic background similar to that in Mines View Park. This is a perfect backdrop for those memorable pictures you may wish to take while visiting Good Shepherd Convent