Baguio evokes many wonderful memories that endear it to many folks.

One such memory is the homey atmosphere and serenity rendered even more unforgettable by the heat of crackling firewood in the fireplace located in the middle of the sala of the Forest House Bed and Breakfast.

Forest House Bed and Breakfast, which was opened to the public in August, matches the bistro and restaurant located at the road level of the old American home structure built along the road at the zigzagging and pine-forested Loakan Road. It is the newest Baguio boutique hotel to join the ranks of the hotels in Baguio City

“It is a country home that allows any person to escape from the rigors and routines of daily life”, explained owner Ari Verzosa, who prefers to be called “Manong Ari”, which is reflective of the comfort and the “family” feeling that Forest House provides to each and every client who dines or staya at the establishment.

Unlike many hotels, Forest House Bed and Breakfast only has four rooms, which provides greater comfort and privacy for its guests as well as the feeling of being in the comfort of their own home. “This is like my family house. My children and wife were involved in the conceptualization of every part of the facility, which is why, unlike a hotel, it looks and feels like a home that makes every client a resident and not a guest”.

Each room is named after Manong Ari’s children except the eldest child, Kylie, who opted not to have a room named after her because, according to her, she is “already ‘big’ and now attending college in Manila”. The biggest room is “Chelsea’s room”, which can comfortably accommodate six persons although it can take in 10 persons with the addition of an extra bed. “Kahlil’s room”,

meanwhile, has a capacity of three to six person’s , and “Keanu’s room” can accommodate three or four. “ Yuri’s Room”, on the other hand, is big enough for five to six persons. The master’s room, which is expected to be completed by December, will be called “Teddy’s room”, and will have glass wall overlooking the pine trees, mountains and mist of the morning. Teddy happen’s to be Manong Ari’s dad, who said that the area is good for master’s bedroom given its distinct character which will make tha occupant appreciate Baguio even more.

The dining area is where guests can have their meal if they opt not to have breakfast in bed. Ari recounted that it was where the family shared a memorable meal with the entire family during one Kylie’s vacations, which is why he thinks it should be named after her despite her protest’s. Besides the dining is another living room or waiting area located immediately beside the entrance is Raquel’s Room, which is named after Manong Ari’s wife. Raquel is an artist who has a talent for tuning anything cute or useless into decorative gifts or items, many of which can be seen in the family’s home. Raquel’s room serves as the couples “command center” but anyone who has sat on Ari’s couch will swear that Raquel’s sweetness and always caring nature is very much in the air.

The entire place is imbued with a country touch enchanced by the use of old pine wood panels from original structure along with antique wood pieced together from the old materials or obtained from antique houses around Ilocos region. The entire structure is lined with pines and a garden is also being completed at the back basement open area for garden weddings and other outdoor occasions.

Aside from comfy room’s the accommodations include breakfast- the Forest House way, wherein a line chef prepares Filipino, American and continental breakfasts coupled with a choice of fresh fruit juices or the native coffee from cordilleras brewed to perfection with a secret concoction that will surely make the drinker savor every drop.

“ This is nothing like the institution-alized hotels that you see everywhere “, said Manong Ari. “This is why we welcome anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate country style and cozy urban life beneath the pines and relax-The Forest House way”.

Forest House Bed and Breakfast , is a Baguio Hotel like no other





A Forest House Beneath The Pines

By Liza T. Agoot