Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay can be traced backed to the early 1900’s where it was set up by the President Theodore Roosevelt as a rest and recreational area used for the US Military and Department of Defense. It also served as a concentration camp by the Japanese for British and American soldiers during the war. Today, however, it is a recreational area open to the public, where there are lodges, apartments and cottages where you can go to stay during your visit to Baguio and there is even a Honeymoon Cottage for people who are enjoying their honeymoon in Baguio City. You will see that all of these units come equipped with working fireplaces to keep you warm and many other wonderful amenities.

This is also a very popular place to go if you are looking to play some golf, as there is a 5,330 yard course with 18 holes. There is also a clubhouse for the golfers where there is an excellent restaurant and function rooms. You will notice that there are many beautiful gardens, picnic areas and hiking trails within the camp and that there is also an amphitheater where you can check out some public events.

In the last couple of years there have been new restaurants that have sprouted along the Ayala Techno Hub area. You have some local restaurants like Volante and Everything Nice and bigger restaurant chains like Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Sumo Sam and Starbucks. If you want to be in touch with nature, dine amidst the pine trees and fresh air then Camp John Hay is the place to be.