Burnham Park
Burnham Park is easily one of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio City for many different reasons. This park was designed and named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, an American architect, who is also responsible for the entire design of Baguio City. The park has many Filipino fashioned features to attract tourists, yet has upheld its original design for the past century. It is a vibrant center of activity for people looking to escape the city life and see a little green. Within the park, there are 12 cluster areas to explore, including the  man made Burnham  lake with rowboats for you to take for a spin, a playground for children, a skating rink, The Rose Garden and an orchidarium. There is also the Melvin Jones grandstand, the Athletic Bowl, a picnic grove, a Japanese Peace Tower and finally, Sunshine Park. Of course there are plenty of areas for sports and playing games and there are a few eateries inside the park where you can go to grab a bite to eat. The park is more than 81 acres of beauty for you to take in and enjoy during your trip to Baguio City.

Burnham Lake is conveniently located in the middle of Burnham Park and probably the most iconic feature of the park. The lake is man made and though it  isn’t very large, it is definitely big enough to go out on in a rowboat, which is what many tourists do. It’s just a great place to enjoy yourself, whether you’re sitting on the side and enjoying a picnic or taking a leisurely rowboat ride around. The lake is surrounded by plenty of trees, as well, if you just want to relax in the shade or take a leisurely stroll around the lake