Baguio Botanical Garden

The Baguio Botanical Garden is one of the more tranquil,  green parks in Baguio City and it is well known for being a place where “not much happens”, but that is precisely why tourists like it so much. You will see that the garden is one of the most peaceful places in the city and is very well kept. When you first arrive at the garden, there is going to be a stone relief welcoming you. The relief features different rituals of the Cordillera tribes. You will also be able to see real people , from the indigenous tribes of the Cordillaera Region,   in the botanical garden and they will be more than happy to stop and pose for a photo with you for a small fee. There are many towering pines in the botanical garden, which make it a great place to just relax and get away from the urban vibe of the city. You will also be able to see an art gallery inside the garden and there are also souvenir shops set up so that you can purchase some real and authentic trinkets to take home with you. This is a great place to go if you’re looking to attend an outdoor concert, watch a tribal gathering or ritual and join in on other activities taking place in the community.